[Golden Age]: 5 things from which today's children are missing

Golden Age, 5 things from which today's children are missing

The world has changed a lot during the last three decades as you also know that today's era is not the same as it was. Along with things, thinking and needs of the children of today are also changing. From 1980 to 1990 kids were very creative they always play with each other but today's children are not of them. 

If we review, we will get to see that modern technology has completely changed our culture. Some things were very important for the children of the past because they are considered part of their tricks and that era was considered as the golden era for children. Today, these things are present in some way, but today the children are not benefiting from them like in the past.

1.Bicycle Trip

The people are not passionate about cycling in today's generations. Many children always use a cycle for traveling for just fun but in past era, many children took their cycle and went for a long ride which was one of the memorable days of that time. But today due to bad condition, parents may not allow children to go away.

2.Use of Chalk

Gradually the use of chalk is going to end. Now the use of chalk is almost finished in school. Because Marker took her place. Either smart classes, after which the tradition of chalk has been left behind. In the 80s the children used to be happy using colorful chalk.


The children had a passion for books and they used to go to the library to find a book. Nowadays, Due to the rise of modern technology, the tradition of the library is now being lost and the internet has taken the place that's why they don't know how to find a book from a library. they also don't have a single moment in a library with their friend reading a book because a book is just a distance of one button from them.

4. Playing in the soil

In the past era, children have a time table according to which they play and study respectively. In the evening, Kids turn to the playground and they usually play in the mud and sand and show some creativity with mud due to that they become more effective and intelligent. They made a house with mud. But now there is nothing because these games have been replaced with advanced mobile phones, iPads, and laptops.


In the '80s those students who have a computer in their home are considered as a lucky child. But those computer doesn't have any high speed like today's computers but it was amazing to use. Nowadays, the computer has completely changed and different aspects of the computer are now discovered. However, today's children are part of more than computer activities.

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