Founder of Twitter - Lifestyle,Wife ,Net Worth- Jack Dorsey

Founder of Twitter - Lifestyle, Wife, Net Worth-Jack Dorsey

If you wake up at five o'clock and dared to jump into the cold water, then you can get everything in life.

It may not be true for you, but there is no lie in front of Twitter founder and head Jack Dorsey, and he says that the secret of his success is something similar.


Jack Dorsey's people using this not only are taking on Twitter but also on other social media websites.

This story began when Mr. Dorsey said in a podcast of physical exercise that he eats only once a day. On Saturday and Sunday, he does fasting and goes through with the fastest steps to the office, which is eight kilometers away from their homes.

Not only about his exercise and eating less food, but another reason for the 42-year-old Mr. Dorsey's news is also his reason for his salary.

The data gave by the company to the US government is that According to him, after working ten years, Mr. Dorsey was given the first check of 1 dollar and 40 cents.

And $ 1.40 signal pay was also given that in a message on Twitter, the maximum number of cameras (or words) used to be 140. This number was set in 2006 when Twitter was launched, but in 2017 when smartphones became more common, the number of conductors doubled to 280.

There is no problem with money

Such a low salary does not mean Mr. Dorcey's financial conditions are very bad.

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Rather, the fact is the opposite. According to Forbes, Mr. Dorsey's owns more than $ 5 billion, and the major sources of income are their shares or shares on Twitter and Scholar. Remember that they are one of the founders of the foundation. Users can pay on mobile phones via this website. That is, it is a mobile-paying facility.

According to statistics, 300 million users use Twitter and in the last quarter of 2018, the company had a record of $ 995 million.

In a statement of the company, it was said that due to its commitment to Twitter and due to the belief that Twitter has long been able to make money, our Chief Executive Jack Dorsey neither paid any charge on 2015, 2016, 2017 or Take the blessings, but also in 2018, they did not take any money from the company except one dollar and forty cents.

The annual salary of the Facebook head of Mark Zuckerberg and Google's head Larry Page is also one dollar.

Similarly, the annual salary of the world's richest man and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos has just a salary of  $ 81,888 and has not changed since 1998.

For example, Mr. Dorsey owns three percent of Twitter shares and last year, when he sold 1.7 million shares of his second business, he earned $ 8 million.

Founder of Twitter - Lifestyle,Wife ,Net Worth- Jack Dorsey

He still owns six million shares and a company's share price is $ 75 today.

Mr. Dorsey's symbolic salary was also $ 2.75 in the quarter and he also took the figures from the company's figures. Remember that the subscriber offers a discount of 2.75% to each user.

Strong routine

But the value between Mr. Dorsey and the heads of the second largest companies is merely their low salaries, because Mr. Drosy keeps himself physically and mentally retarded, the rest of the people do less.

Speaking to the Fitness Podcast, Mr. Dorcey had to say further what he did to keep himself fit. It is also included in the morning with awkward birds, including boiling water for three to three minutes, and between these boxes, they sit in the hot steam room for fifteen and a half, whose temperature is 104 Degree is centigrade.

Then he goes for a meditation for an hour and he has been doing everything for the past 20 years.

Last year, after spending some time in Burma, Mr. Dorsey had tweeted about the benefits of the Mind Fleece. The summary of their instructions is that:

During your ten-day stay in Burma, also avoid mobile phone or computer, writing, physical exercise, music, drug addiction, meat, talking to someone, and even eye-catching with someone. Everything for mediators or meditation is provided free of charge.

In an hour long, Mr. Dorsey also told that he only eats a meal in the whole sixteenth half of the evening, which usually contains protein and salad, after which they eat berries or dark chocolate. 

He says that his usual Sarah's day helps a lot of focus on his work, and due to the usual routine work, they can easily do the work that can lead to mental stress for the rest of the people.

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