How much water should you drink daily? some amazing facts

How much water should you drink daily?
               Some Amazing Facts 

"You should drink well. Every day eight glass or two liters of water should be drunk?"

If we ask for such advice, we all meet. But such ideas are not always about water.

Drinking more water was considered as bad as the beginning of the nineteenth century. Drinking more water to the upper class of the society used to be an insult. They thought that stuffing the belly with water is the work of the poor. They used to think about their own kindness.

However, today the water is boiled well around the world. The demand for bottled water in the United States has increased even more than soda. People in Pakistan and India are drinking water well. It is because people are advised to drink water.

Drinking more water is being told the reason for good health and beautiful skin. Apart from this, cancer and weight loss prescriptions are also common due to excessive water.

The question is, where does the tradition of drinking eight glasses each day started? Because research or a scientist did not claim it yet.

In 1945, the Food and Nutrition Board of National Research Council in the United States advised elders that they should drink one ml of water to digest every calorie.

This means that if you are having two thousand calories in the day, then you should drink two liters of water. It simply does not include simple water. Rather, there is water similar to fruits, vegetables, and other drinks. Fruits and vegetables can be up to 98% of water.

In addition, there is no doubt that water is very important for the body. The total weight of our body is water only. Water plays an important role in removing the bad elements from the body.

In order to maintain the temperature of our body, water is also very important to maintain the joints. Chemical changes within the body are not possible without water.

We exit the water from sweat, urine and respiratory water. It is very important that we do not let the body lose water.

Some illusion about Water 

Every day, the glass of eight glasses of water is found throughout the world.
Experts believe that we need water as much as the body needs.

"We have learned in thousands of years of evolutionary journey to make water balance," says Arun Rosenberg, a Tufts University expert in the United States. Today the human body has great potential to maintain the balance of water.

The brain is immediately known as any healthy body needs water. The human brain feels thirsty. A hormone of the brain also indicates kidneys to reduce the amount of water out of the urine and save water.

 UK doctor and health adviser, said, 'If you listen to your body, then it tells you when it is thirsty. The thinking of people is wrong that thirsty means drinking water is too late. For thousands of years, man has symptoms such as thirst.

For thousands of years, man has symptoms such as thirst. It is wrong to think that your body will give a false indication of a water shortage. 

'If your body works correctly in all other cases, then how can it be wrong for thirst?'

It is best to drink water when thirsty. Drinking other things like Coffee, cold drinks, can drink water shortages. Caffeine may have some side effects, but many investigations indicate that tea and coffee are adequate to reduce water.

Is it really good for the health to drink a large amount of water?

Those of us who drink eight glasses each day is not harming. But if you drink more water than the demand of the body so it may be dangerous for your health. It reduces sodium from the body. Sodium deficiency causes brain and lung swelling.

Dr. Courtney Kips told that we are drinking water by ourselves not according to the demand of the body and we are ignoring the gestures of the body so it can be harmful to us in the future.

According to Dr. Kips, at least fifteen athletes have died since drinking more water during an event in the last decade. He said that because of this it is unbelievable on the body of your body and drink more than that which you ask.

Now they tell people that excessive drinking water can be harmful.

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