Spider poison is medicine?

 Spider Poison is Medicine?

Spider poison is the cause of fluid

We often talk about snake poison, but today there is something else. Interesting and scary. Australia's biochemist points out that a dangerous spider or spider poison can create better opportunities for patients who have become stroke.

The chemists have detected that freezers on the island exclude a subtle spider named the substance, which includes an effective element, which can prevent the impact on the strokes of the brain.

According to a report from Sydney, the freezer island's Frail Web spider is so poisonous that its cutting can occur death in 15 minutes. But its poison can be used in medicine that can prevent mental damage which causes due to stroke. Scientists say that this poisonous substance can be stopped in a brain which enhances the chances of death after stroke.

Researchers at the University of Queensland believe that this is a major step in which stroke patients can be preserved at this time. When they are being taken to the hospital. The doctors often talk about the proper care and medication of the patient in four to four hours. That's why people who are far away can get hurt due to the late arrival of the hospital.

The research team thinks this spider-born drug can also give a paradox to the patient immediately after which a patient can prevent further mental damage after stroke.

Professor Glynn King is leading this research team. They say that after stroke, the chemicals generated within the brain causing such a situation that makes the way of death smooth.

Why it does not know why this happens, and the nerve cells start to die. However, now he discovered the poison webmaster of Freelance Island, so it found that it could prevent death prospects, and it also does not die the nerve cells.

The cells that disappear, nothing can happen but one thing is sure that after the stroke it is given within eight hours, the brain is protected from a huge loss.

Freezer Island Web Spiders are found in the Australia's state of Queensland and they live in the bushes sand and ground.

World Health Organization says global stroke is the second cause of death and the third major cause of disability.

According to an estimate in Australia, the number of strokes every year is six thousand. They include new patients and those who have already been a stroke.

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