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Predictions for 2019

Amazing Films Whose Predictions Are Becoming True

Southland Tales was a dramatic, scientific and romantic film written by Richard Kelly. Unfortunately, this is not a blockbuster movie, but the events or scenes shown in this movie have proved to be virtually accurate in the future. This film was released in 2006 but it becomes a flop movie but this not our topic rather it is blockbuster or flop movie. Let's take a look at how accurately this movie proved to be seen today.

Fingerprint Access

iPhone 5s has introduced a new feature on their mobile phone is that we can access our phone through fingerprint. But this is not a unique thing for fans of Southland Tales. In this movie, we have seen that many people were accessing ATM with the help of fingerprint.

Sea Power Generator
In this film, a sea power generator is used to produce renewable energy sources and now it becomes true because most of the electricity is produced by wind farms. In 2013 Belgian announced a plan to generate energy from aerial air but Solar energy and bio-thermal energy are also popular today.

Bad situations of Syria

The biggest reason for the World War third which was shown in the film was the nuclear attacks in Syria. After four years later, A Civil War began in Syria. The US Army is just silent because of the threat of World War three.

Use of Smart T.V

In the first 5-minute scenes of World War third, the viewers were shown on a display screen, showing the scenes of four countries at once. In the past years, technology has introduced a modern TV known as Smart TV. Smart TV has eliminated the need for satellite TV. Now you can watch several programs at the same time.

Spying through the Internet

The film shows that a government agency  USAID who spies and provides information to people. Recently, different sources have found that the NSA has started tracing people's email accounts and cell phones and their private information is being accessed.

Bomb Blast in Taxes
In the very first scene of the film, taxes a city of America become a victim of a nuclear explosion due to that all city was covered with black cloud and poisonous smoke. Thousands of Texas people have confirmed that an explosion in a fertilizer plant in April 2013 matches the film's scene.

The checkout of states

After the unrealistic world war in the film, the United States has been permanently divided into many parts and a passport is required to go from one city to another city. In fact, Banned State checkpoints have actually increased, including several permanent checkpoints such as California, Arizona, and Texas.

The use of alternative sources of energy
The film has shown that the United States depends on oil, so it has to face many problems after the war. To meet the shortage of fuel, they force their citizens and companies to use alternative fuel. Today the electric vehicles are off and diesel vehicles are also coming back.  

Air Bus Aircraft

A big ship was shown in the movie named as Zeppelin, although the ship did not get any popularity in the movie. But today we knew that ship as Air Bus.

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