[REALITY] Why only poor people die with malaria?

[REALITY] Why only poor people die with malaria?

Malaria's symptoms, precautions and cheapest therapeutic information on Malaria's global day 25 April 2019!

Bill Gates once surprised everyone when he was in a full-fledged gamble where the wealthy people gathered in the world then he got a box from his pocket and saying "why only poor people die with malaria" mosquitoes leave out from the box and he says that malaria spreads from mosquitoes, so I'm leaving these mosquitoes because I want to know why only the poor have been left to die from malaria.

Causes Of Malaria

Malaria disease naturally spreads a variety of mosquito bites. This substance bites a mosquito-born person, malaria germs move into this mosquitoes. And when this mosquito cut a healthy person, the germ of this person gets increased for weeks or years, and when a certain number of germs increases, malaria attacks. If they did not get treatment at the right time, then it causes the death of a person.

According to the Malaria report of 2018,

212 million new cases worldwide were reported as a cancer patient due to malaria and 429,000 people of them died.

Worldwide Malaria Day World has been celebrated in the world every year since 2008, with support from the World Health Organization on April 25, aimed at informing the awareness of malaria and prevention of malaria around the world.

On this day, health-related individuals and institutions organize seminars, conferences, posters, walks, and other events and publications highlight public awareness about the news and information about malaria through newspapers and magazines.

Malaria is common in some part of the world just like Africa, Asia, Middle East, South Asia, Central America, etc. About 1.6 million people in Pakistan are being affected directly through malaria. And every year  50 thousand people died.

This is the case of only Pakistan. Its situation is worse in everywhere that every patient becomes sick in every 30 or 40 seconds due to malaria. And more than 5 million people suffer annually. 90% of the deaths caused by malaria throughout the world are from poor countries.

Precautions Of Malaria

Be careful, take care of your children because children have more risks to be malaria. Symptoms of malaria usually begin to appear after 6 days of a mosquito bite. Sometimes its symptoms also take a year to appear.

Symptoms are as follows: The nervous system is affected effectively by severe attacks on poultry, cold, headache, nausea, ulcers, pancakes, severe weakness, muscle stomach, stomach, waist and joint pain, cough, panic, etc. Apart from this, severe pain in their body, bush on the skin, red spots include malaria signals.

If the patient shows some of these symptoms, show the doctor. Treatment of malaria should be done immediately, many other germs and diseases also have symptoms like malaria. Due to which malaria diagnosis can take a long time.

Keeping the environment clean in order to avoid malaria, avoid the open sky. Use mosquito net put oil on your body to avoid from mosquitoes, wear a full-sized shirt. It is believed that the modern method of treating malaria also causes inflammation of intestines during the patient's period of time.

 After this inflammation, the patient comes out of the fever of malaria and is suffering from typhoid. Only female mosquitoes bite humans and spread malaria and if their number decreases, it will also reduce the spread of malaria.

Thinking of this way, it would be very interesting to say that scientists have developed a new weapon to eliminate malaria. These weapons are genetically modified mosquitoes that will produce mostly male mosquitoes in their race, resulting in gradual loss of their generation. 

Accepting this procedure will reduce the number of mosquitoes in the population of mosquitoes, and the result will result in a gradual reduction in the population of the mosquitoes and endangered. This disease will also be prevented due to the end of these mosquitoes that transmit malaria from one human to another.

When male mosquitoes will produce only male children, which may likely be likely to end their population. No one can understand the wisdom that scientists can succeed that the first is not possible. Secondly, only when the mosquitoes are the only male, their generation will end.

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