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What is death? Can death be defeated?

Should death be considered a prohibited topic? When death began? What happens after death? What looks near death? Is the soul is something? What is death-related biology, medicine, and medicine?

The founder of Apple company steve jobs said "Death is probably the best inventory of life" Because it causes a change in life. It eliminates the old and makes space for the new one.

This phrase of the Job was emotionally sent to many people. Achievements of Job, unable to help them even to death, till close relatives, and they died only due to cancer in the age of 56.

Why biological death is unavoidable?

Death makes space for a new life, There are billions of cells in every human, which make and break on a daily basis and This growth continues. There is a tremendous force in living cells, which are used to fight the dangerous cells and eliminate them. For example, in this case, our living cells fight against virus or cancer cells. Old cells are replaced with new cells, but when new cells are slow and eventually stopped, the matter seems to worsen gradually. In this way, new cells are not born in the body and the old one gradually die.

that it is Enzymes chemistry, it ensures that somehow the distribution of cells continues. But due to this, the formation of cancer cells also increases rapidly. 

Biologically, the human body remains active for one hundred and twenty years. But different serious elements such as unhealthy food and other things, gradually reduce this age.

What is Death?

Physical life processes usually occur in the form of disorders of different organs, throbbing of cardiovascular systems, lungs and brain disorders. Medical symptoms are different types of death, there is 'clinical death' on one hand, in which the cardiovascular system stops, Due to which the supply of oxygen to the organs closes. It may be possible to breathe with mouth to relieve clinical death, or by pressing artificial breathing and chesting it.

But if the mind is disrupted, that is, it is not possible to relieve it. Because some cells in the lower layers of the brain may also survive in the form of Brain Death. But consciousness is going on. However, it is important that brain dead people can be kept artificially-long-lived. We are in front of patients who are mentally alive, living deadly until childbirth. 

Some patients that are mentally dead can respond to the external masses, but experts say it can be related to the spinal cord and they do not actually react to pain or exterior touching.

What is the connection of the soul with quantum physics?

Not only religious but scientists are also studying an unusual experience before death. This issue can only be considered through quantum physics about which Neil Bohr predicted. According to Neil Bohr, a strong link is found between a source of particles.

However, Einstein had dismissed it as a "Ghostly Contact". According to this theory, the two separate particles separately separated from one source, and have a relationship between them and the link between them remains established even after the universal distance.

 Scientists related to quantum physics now fully recognize this theory. In front of the same ideology, some researchers say that body and soul have two different elements related to a source on the same pattern. And despite being disturbed by the body, one can still have a relationship between them. However, this science has yet to be proved or denied.
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